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For over 20 years, the law firm of Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC has provided exceptional legal representation to clients all across the community of Garden City, New York. Whether you are dealing with a probate or trust issue, our firm is the place to call!

Probate is known as the legal process by which an individual's assets are distributed and debts are paid upon his or her death. While most probates and trusts run smoothly as intended by the deceased, some bring about complex legal situations that are nearly impossible to navigate without the intervention of a seasoned Garden City estate litigation lawyer.

Some disagreements can lead to serious problems within a family that seem impossible to resolve. These types of arguments require a skilled litigator, especially if they involve multiple properties or large sums of money. Family members or other individuals named in the trust may fight until he or she sees a part of the deceased's funds, which is not only extremely stressful but unlawful as well.

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There are a few circumstances in which a simple probate case turns into a litigation case, including those pertaining to contested wills, beneficiary claims, estate mismanagement, family disputes, validity of will being contested, breach of fiduciary duty and executor malfeasance.

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