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Probate is the legal process by which a person's debts are paid and assets are distributed upon their death. Most probates proceed as intended by the deceased, however, situations can arise that create a problem in the proper administration of the probate. Some disagreements can occur that lead to litigation due to there being no agreement between parties involved in the dispute.

Especially in dealing with complex issues including multiple properties and large sums of money, litigation may be the only solution. To sort these matter out for you, it is crucial to have an experienced Long Island probate attorney who is very familiar with the issues that can occur in this type of case.

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When an ordinary probate case turns into a probate litigation case, a skilled probate litigation attorney is needed to deal with the complex legal issues.

There are various circumstances which could lead to litigation, including:

  • Will being contested
  • Beneficiary claims
  • The validity of the Will being contested
  • Breach of a fiduciary duty
  • Estate mismanagement
  • Family disputes
  • Executor malfeasance

Because the outcome of a contested probate can make the difference in your future well-being, it is vital to have a caring and dedicated attorney at your side. Our office will represent you with aggressiveness and the needed resources to ensure you obtain the resolution you deserve.

We can meet with you for a free initial evaluation of your circumstances in order to direct you in the proper strategy. From helping you understand New York probate law to helping explain why probate is necessary, you can trust in our ability and our desire to help. Contact our office today.

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