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Despite the best laid plans, sometimes an estate is left without clear instructions or with contested instructions as to the division of assets. Disputes may rise among beneficiaries, trustees, and executors, and it may become necessary to involve a Long Island estate litigation lawyer. At Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC, we can assist you with all legal matters pertaining to wills, trusts, and probates, whether it is the initial planning or litigation. There is a wide variety of issues that could possibly arise if there is a contested estate.

Some of the legal issues that we are capable of handling are:

  • Trust Litigation: We both dispute and defend trusts and trustee decisions
  • Will Construction: We can work within the legal system in order to ensure that the details and instructions in a will are unambiguous
  • Will Litigation: Wills can be contested on various grounds, including will forgery, will invalidation due to improper legal procedures, the incompetence of the deceased to understand the terms of the will, and undue influence of another on the deceased and his or her will
  • Spousal Right of Election Litigation: We can examine any prenuptial, postnuptial, wills, or trusts in order to determine the surviving spouse's inheritance
  • Fiduciary Litigation: We both dispute and defend the actions and rights of trustees and executors of wills, including accounting proceedings and trust management
  • Fiduciary Removal: We have assisted families and concerned loved ones remove the designated fiduciary because of misconduct and/or inability to handle the estate

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With the assistance of an experienced estate and probate attorney, you and your family can restore the rightful wishes of your loved one. We have vast experience with estate litigation.

Contact a Long Island estate litigation lawyer at our firm for more information if you are considering legally contesting a will or trust.

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