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There are many complexities involved in real estate transactions. These types of transactions are governed by not only state statutes, but federal as well. Some of the legal issues affected by these statutes are in the acquiring, financing managing, leasing, developing and selling of both residential and commercial real estate. Because of their complex nature, it is advisable to involve a professional in the handling of these transactions. Obtaining an experienced and qualified Long Island probate lawyer is vital to protect your interests.

There are consequences that can occur if the correct legal procedures are not followed in a real estate transaction. Tax consequences, ownership and possession issues can all impact your overall interests and value in a property transaction. Our experienced real estate attorney from Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC can help you sort through all of the difficult decisions, negotiations and contracts involved in real estate transactions.

Real Estate Transaction Lawyer in Garden City, Roslyn, Queens, Jamaica Estates, Hewlett, & Woodbury

Because there are so many legal documents and transactions that occur in real estate, most buyers are confused and somewhat intimidated by the whole procedure. With the help of our knowledgeable attorneys, we can explain all of the terms and conditions so that you have an understanding of what the transaction means to you. We can also ensure that you are being protected from any unscrupulous or detrimental contract that may not be in your best interests.

In pursuing and completing a real estate transaction, you want to be certain that what is being presented to you is what you are actually getting. Our skilled and attentive lawyers can facilitate the entire process. We will prepare and review all necessary documents and contracts, coordinate financing for you with the bank, perform title reviews and attend the closing on your behalf. Call us today to discuss your real estate transaction and how we can help you.

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