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If you are in a legal dispute after the death of a loved one, it is best that you immediately begin working with a seasoned Hewlett estate litigation lawyer. Your future and the future of your loved one's assets rely on your ability to procure legal representation. It is your right and responsibility to not act flippantly when dealing with serious matters pertaining to estates or large sums of money. In many situations involving the trust of a deceased loved one, when multiple estates or large sums of money are involved, matters get complicated.

A designated trustee may get greedy and go against the wishes of the will or the heirs of the grantor may argue over the division of assets. As such, contacting our firm should be your first priority. Here at Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC, our legal team has dedicated their professional careers to ensuring that your rights are protected and the wishes of your deceased loved one are granted.

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Despite the legal matter that you are caught up in, or if a complication has yet to arise, it is always wise to involve our firm at your soonest convenience. Before making any permanent or irrational decisions, you should first call our office at (516) 324-3138.

Our firm can help you resolve the following legal matters through litigation:

To learn more about the services our firm provides, do not wait another minute to call our office today. Our firm eagerly awaits your call and will work relentlessly to satisfy your needs. With a growing reputation in the legal community, our firm is proud to serve our clients with the appropriate level of representation necessary to find a favorable outcome.

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