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In today’s economic situation, the need to protect your assets from taxes, lawsuits, creditors and divorce is vital. If you have assets that can be imperiled due to someone else’s actions, it is important to have a New York Asset Protection Attorney review your financial situation. At Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC, we have dedicated and experienced Estate Planning and Trust lawyers who are able to use successful and proven strategies to safeguard your wealth and minimize your risk.

Many individuals with property and other assets, or businessmen who own a company, are not fully aware of the risks involved if they fail to protect their wealth and hard-earned business. A lawsuit or an acrimonious divorce can destroy wealth that you have been building for years. With the proper planning through asset protection, this can be completely avoided.

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There are myriad ways in which to begin protecting your assets. Some of the more common forms of sheltering certain property or business entities are:

  • LLC – Limited Liability Company
  • LLP – Limited Liability Partnership
  • Corporations
  • Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts

In order to determine what will be the best strategy for you, it is important that you consult with our skilled and knowledgeable lawyers so that we may begin planning the most effective method for your situation. You need to be aware that it is vital to protect your assets before a situation occurs. Using the correct tools and strategies for your situation will ensure this occurs. A professional advisor will be able to skillfully shelter your wealth from unforeseen circumstances and protect your possessions.

For a thorough review of your estate, contact our office at Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC today. We offer an initial free consultation to discuss your situation.

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