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Frequently Asked Questions

As experienced Long Island estate litigation lawyers, Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC have helped numerous clients in our community ensure that their estate and assets are protected throughout the litigation process as well as through proper planning and foresight.  If you need more information regarding estate litigation, estate planning or probate, below we provide you with some frequently asked questions.

What is estate litigation? 
When a will, trust, or estate is disputed following someone's death, litigation becomes necessary to resolve the situation. This is called estate litigation.

What is estate planning?
Estate planning is the procedure to ensure a person’s wealth is protected, including preparing a will and planning what will occur with the division of the person’s property after death.

Why do I need to do estate planning?
Estate planning will help ensure that your desires for the distribution of your assets are carried out according to your wishes.  This planning will protect your property and assets and take care of your loved ones per your instructions.  It can and should be done at any point in your life.

What is probate?
Probate is defined as the process of legally establishing the validity of a will before a judicial authority.  It ensures that the estate is executed per the wishes of the deceased.  

What is a will?
A will, also referred to as a “last will and testament”, is a legal document that transfers the property of the deceased to the named individuals or groups.  Establishing a will ensure that your wishes in how you want your property and assets distributed will be honored.

Lawyer Handling Estate Litigation & Probate Contests in Roslyn, Hewlett, Woodbury, Jamaica Estates & Great Neck

If you have a family and property, it is wise to consider estate planning so as to avoid litigation later down the road. Not having the proper planning in place can severely affect your loved ones should anything happen to you and will make litigation necessary.  Not only will there be unforeseen tax consequences if planning is not done properly, but extensive delays can occur while the estate is settled, potentially causing financial hardship to those you love the most.  At Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC we will take the time to sit down with you and determine what exact steps need to be taken to obtain the best tax benefits and security for your estate whether it's during the litigation or planning process.

If you need legal assistance with any matter involving estate or probate litigation, contact Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC, today.
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