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Long Island Probate Administration Attorney

Probate Lawyer in Woodbury, Hewlett, Roslyn, Jamaica Estates & Great Neck

If you have lost a loved one recently, you may find yourself having to handle their estate.  Various legal and tax issues will need to be addressed, especially if there is property involved.  Probate is required in many instances.  Probate is the legal process where a court supervises the transfer of the assets of the deceased to the heirs.  When a probate is done, there are various legal and complex documents that must be filed in appropriate courts to ensure that this transfer occurs.  If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to have a qualified Long Island probate attorney in New York handling the legal aspects for you.

What Steps to Take for Probate

The first thing to consider is whether your loved one’s estate is subject to probate.  With our assistance, the law office of Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC will be able to determine this for you in our initial free consultation.  If your loved one owned property, had a certain amount of assets and property or failed to leave a will, it is quite likely a probate will be needed.

In order to properly administer an estate through Probate, it is advisable to have an attorney to assist you.  Many factors will come up that need to be handled, and this may be a difficult time for the family to concentrate on when they have just lost a loved one.  Things such as paying creditors, selling property, administering any trusts or wills will all need to be confronted.  Our skilled and dedicated staff will be able to assist you in performing the correct actions to speed the probate along.  Maximizing your potential return from the probate so as not to diminish the estate’s assets is our goal.  We will deal with your situation with care and compassion and get your through this difficult time.

Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC. is proud to provide legal representation for clients in the New York Metropolitan area, including Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York City, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Rockland Counties, and New Jersey. 

We can help with your Probate Administration. Contact a Long Island probate lawyer at Jonathan E. Kroll & Associates, PLLC.

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